If it flies, floats, rolls, slides or even drags…. We will get it back to you!

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Asset Recovery Guys is an experienced repossessor, specializing in aircraft, auto recovery, and boat repossession. Our company, Asset Recovery Guys, services Minnesota for standard repossessions. Asset Recovery Guys also specializes in Aircraft Repossession nationwide. Asset Recovery Guys are experienced with all phases of the repossession process.

Asset Recovery Guys, assure the safety of your property. We do it with integrity, and a high standard of ethics.

Asset Recovery Guys has been a trusted agent of many banks and remarketers as well as being competitively priced. We are insured, and will do bacakground checks on any of our employees that would be involved with your property.

We know the importance of being thorough, reliable, and trustworthy, with what we say we will do, in the time frame required. 

Welcome to the Asset Recovery Guys